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Jordan Blais

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Andreanne Blais

25 days ago

This little boy is my miracle. He survive a 10% chance of survival but he saved me also. He is the most adorable and sweetest little boy 💖 he loves attention.


Joshua Ward

22 days ago

Jordan is the sweetest little boy hw has a beautiful soul and personality He is the most handsom and adorable baby he does the cutest things (Every child on here is handsom or/and beautiful with cutest picture whe should all win) to me being his Daddy Jordan is the most handsome Baby. He was a very sick little boy he was taken out via c-section on a routine c-section him amd mommy was lifted to one of the 2 best hospital in the country he only hade 10% survival he hade a nurse just for him with 5 Iv in him given him 15 to 16 diffrent medications on a daily basis. They even made arrangements for a funeral and got baptized. Whe where told that he most likely won't make it to prepare for it. He hade heart , lung , kidney and liver problems the first month and a half was the worst not knowing why all the test and no clue why or what caused it. I was so far away killed us that he was not getting better and that if he got any worst there was NOTHING they could do. God blessed us on the 25th of December he got better from 10% to 20% and it was all up hill from there they got him off the benzos and pain medication no more IV in 2 weeks he was ready for home. He is a gift from above God heard our prayers He is our angel
Please vote he deserves to be able to go to college or university without a loan without a dept I want him to have savings 💖 Please vote vote My wife will vote back if you leave your link on my page


Lauren Hughes

21 days ago

Daily vote. Please vote back.

leave your link. i vote daily 344


Alisha Watson

21 days ago

Daily voter! Please vote daily and leave your link so we can vote again


Lauren White

21 days ago

Voted 😊 Please return the vote 💕


Tasha Sanderson

21 days ago

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