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Do you think that your baby is a little cutie, like Jesse Lang?

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Valda Lang

6 Aug 2022 09:44:06AM
Jesse Lang
Thankyou everyone who has voted/ still voting and buying gems Jesse thanks you all xx

Johanna Stokes

8 Aug 2022 05:56:06AM
Please if you could send me some votes 3209

Holly Brookes

7 Aug 2022 03:33:31AM
Vincent Cesarino
You have the most gorgeous boy🥰 I love love love his eyes😍 I had to vote for him I hope he wins🤗

Valda Lang

8 Aug 2022 01:42:26AM
Jesse Lang
Thankyou so much

Nicole Whisonant

6 Aug 2022 16:32:09PM
Voted return the favor plz

Rovie Ann

10 Aug 2022 05:27:47AM
Cayden Jones

Jessaka Greene

6 Aug 2022 14:40:27PM
;;; He has amazing eyes..would you like to exchange 10 votes daily? Jbv9v m ui

Valda Lang

6 Aug 2022 15:41:58PM
Jesse Lang
Thankyou!! sure😊

Trina Grundler

4 Aug 2022 12:58:35PM
Cute baby 😍

Toni Ambrose

5 Aug 2022 22:34:17PM

Laura Cowlishaw

5 Aug 2022 20:15:39PM
Few votes from me 💕

Angels Balloons

5 Aug 2022 11:50:45AM
His eyes 😍 vote returned beautiful boy !

Valda Lang

6 Aug 2022 12:13:47PM
Jesse Lang
Seth there’s no filter.. it’s called sunlight his eyes and hair change through out different months/seasons😛

Seth Parker

6 Aug 2022 10:05:55AM
Filter to make his eyes pop out

Crittal Gene

5 Aug 2022 02:18:11AM
Catalaya Grace
Voted 896. Please. Vote for Catalaya Grace

Esme Dom

4 Aug 2022 23:10:08PM
Cute 😍🥰baby boy