The Cutest Baby Competition

Competition Rules

Competition Key Dates

  • First Round Start Date: 01 October 2019 00:01 UTC
  • First Round End Date: 31 October 2019 23:59 UTC
  • The Final Start Date: 01 November 2019 00:01 UTC
  • The Final End Date: 01 November 2019 23:59 UTC
  • Users

    Users are site visitors who agree to log in with Facebook. Users have the ability to enter or vote in the competition.


    To enter the competition, site visitors must log in to Facebook via and follow the steps to ‘Enter the Competition’ from the website. Entrants will need to upload an entry photograph of their choice in order to complete their entry.

    Competition Structure

    The competition consists of a First Round and The Final. Entries ranked #1-20 in the global rank, with highest number of votes between the First Round Start Date and the First Round End Date, will progress through to The Final.

    The 20 entries will be displayed as Finalists on from 00:00 UTC, until 23:59 UTC, on the first day of the following month. The votes will be reset to zero at The Final Start Date. During this 24 hour period, all Users are able to vote on their favourite entry. The entry with the highest number of cumulative votes between The Final Start Date and The Final End Date will win.

    Users will be limited a single final vote during The Final. Gems cannot be exchanged for votes within The Final.

    In the event of a draw whereby more than one entry achieves exactly the same, highest number of votes there will be an additional 'Tie-breaker Round'. The votes will be reset to zero at the Tie-breaker Round Start Date. These Finalists will be displayed on the website for a further 12hours from The Final End Date. The Finalist to achieve the most votes during this period will win.